Beaded Candy Canes

My favorite Christmas ornament I made this year was beaded candy canes.  They’re shiny, easy and look great with lights.  I made mine with an assortment of small glass beads, you can use various sizes, just be sure they’re all the same size for each candy cane.

Beaded Candy Canes

Beaded Candy Canes

To make these is rather simple.

Supplies:  24 gauge wire, wire cutters, pliers, beads and thin cord.

First, cut two pieces of wire the same size – I used lengths varying from 8″ to 13″.

If you are just going to use two colors of beads – red and white – then you will fill one wire with red beads and one wire with white beads.  For the multicolored one above – I did one wire of silver beads and one wire with various red and green beads.  Remember, all the beads on one candy cane should be approximately the same size.

Start placing beads on your wire.  After you put a couple of beads on, bend the wire up about 1/2″ from the end to keep the beads from sliding off of the wire.  When you are about 1/2″ from the opposite end of the wire, stop and bend the wire back to keep the beads on the wire.  Repeat with your second color on your second wire.

Now that you have two lengths of wire filled with beads, find the center point of each wire.  Cross the two wires in the center and bend them in half so that you have four strands of beads next to each other.  Next, unfold the wire at each end, and using your pliers, twist all four wires together.

Now you will want to hold the beaded wires at each end and twist each end in the opposite direction to form stripes.  Bend one end into a cane, and poof, you have a beaded candy cane!  You can hang these using their candy cane hook or you can use the cord of your choosing to make a hanger for your gorgeous candy cane!

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