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Cooking is Alive and Well!

Last year, me, my hubby and our friend Megan dined at a new restaurant every month.  It was a great success – we had 11 winners and only one loser!  So, we thought, what are we going to do this … Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Cake with Blackberry Filling and Cream Cheese Frosting

While we’ve been busy working the disaster this week, one day during lunch one of my volunteers said “tomorrow we should order dessert”.  I got to leave the office that day at a normal hour, so I went home inspired … Continue reading

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Santa’s Secret Bake Shop

Last weekend, me and my hubby had quite the weekend preparing Christmas cards, baking and treats.  It was my big baking weekend in which I made lots of goodies that I do not make very often.  First, the ever popular … Continue reading

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More Stale Bread

As the loaf of sourdough was going stale that I bought to make bread pudding…I had another idea – pumpkin cranberry (dried) bread pudding and it worked. So here’s my running list: Bread Pudding made with raisin bread Pumpkin sourdough … Continue reading

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Everything does not taste good.

There are some shows that I really enjoyed back when we wasted more money on cable – including No Reservations.  One of the reasons I liked this show is that Anthony Bourdain is the only person with his own food … Continue reading

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