Christmas in July!

Loved ones have been reminding me that I haven’t blogged in quite a while.  So, without further ado, here we go again.

Last month I had a Christmas in July card making party.  Had several friends over to make cards ranging from the novice to the advanced card maker.  I put together a few of these stamp free cards to show some of the newer folks how easy it can be to make a nice card.

Several of them left some cards for Operation Write Home and I had accumulated quite a stack as well.  So, at the end of July I got to drop off about 150 cards for OWH at a local store that was collecting them.

While I’ve been absent from cyber space, I have been working on some cards and crafts.

First of all, hubby was sweet enough to let me move my office into the family room – previously the most underused space in the house.  More light, less heat, more space – it’s what a girl dreams of.  It also gives me more motivation to work on my stuff.

I’ve kept working on cards and am posting them on Etsy again.  I made a run at Etsy in January, but got distracted and neglected it.  I’ve vowed to give it an honest try this time.

I’m also putting together a couple of card making workshops for one of my favorite non-profit organizations…

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