Death of a Waffle Maker

Well, there was one tragedy in last weekend’s breakfast, the waffle maker is no more.  You could call it practical or you could call it lazy…I’ll go with practical.  For breakfast last week, we actually ate the test waffle.  When Mike went to make the second waffle, he forgot to spray the waffle maker and opened it way too soon.  So, there was not only waffle to pick out of the griddle, but it was stuck all over.  So, I decided I would try to take the left over batter and burn one in there in hopes of lifting everything out.  Ironically, it came out clean on one side, but not the other.  This was an old waffle maker that you cannot lift the plates out of.  So, it is a real pain to clean.  After trying to scrape out another waffle with a chopstick, I decided the maker had seen better days.

The Maker Has Seen Better Days

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