Dining Adventures – Part II

Well, my love really out did himself.  Three great courses served on our patio on a beautiful morning.

First, was a waffle and berries.  What would make this special you ask?  The fact that it was topped with bacon butter.  As if butter wasn’t decadent enough, someone had the brillant idea of adding bacon to it.  Simply delicious.  I did actually get a sneak taste of this on some toast too – and it was divine.

1st Course

Next, was spicy sausage, egg white and french toast.  Mike had a neat way of presenting this.  He put a small piece of french toast in the bottom of a small dish, then set a hard boiled egg white on it and filled it with sausage.

2nd Course

Last, but certainly not least, was the BELT wrap.  A crisp piece of romaine with a strip of bacon, sliced hard boiled egg and sliced tomato.  Now mind you, the bacon in these dishes was no ordinary bacon, but our favorite ancho chile rubbed bacon from Whole Foods.

3rd Course

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