Ending the Year on a Upswing

I was quite excited to finish my first quilting project this evening.  I had started this table set months ago, only to get extremely frustrated when it came to binding the two quilted pieces.  This project literally sat for 2+ months until my visit to my friend Gay’s house last week.  She helped show me an easier way than what I was trying and together we got the binding cut, sewn on the machine side, and ready for hand stitching on the back (and she helped with that too!).

So, I am glad that this adventure in quilting has finally since it’s first complete project.  If you would have asked me this morning if I was going to put the finishing touches on this decade, I would have said no.

I learned many important lessons with this project:

  • No simple hems for napkins and table runners – need an overlock stitch.
  • Learned a better way to do binding.
  • Learned the importance of squaring the item before attaching binding.

Quilted Table Set

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