Everything does not taste good.

There are some shows that I really enjoyed back when we wasted more money on cable – including No Reservations.  One of the reasons I liked this show is that Anthony Bourdain is the only person with his own food show that I’ve seen say he did not like something.  I can’t believe that everything a person eats on a food show tastes good.

Blackened Mashed Potatoes - the new rage!

Blackened Mashed Potatoes - the new rage!

Well, this leads me to my own Thanksgiving culinary disaster.  If I’m going to talk about the delicious bread pudding, I should also share the darker side of my kitchen.  For the first time ever, I ruined a batch of mashed potatoes.  I know, your next question is “do you know how to boil water?”.  No comments from the peanut gallery are necessary.

Last summer, back when everything that can be cooked outside is because at 120 degrees outside you don’t want to make the house any hotter, I started roasting both sweet potatoes and regular potatoes to make mashed potatoes.  Plus it was darn easy!  So, today I decided to roast my potatoes – did everything just as I had before – and they burned.  I’ve got no clue why.  Me, instead of recognizing a disaster when I see it, decide “I can make it better”.  Well, I did not worsen the problem, but I did not really help it either.  My hubby though, being the trooper (and human garbage disposal) that he is persevered through.  He even packed up the leftover for us him to eat later.  Here’s his perspective on the meal.

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