Santa’s Secret Bake Shop

Last weekend, me and my hubby had quite the weekend preparing Christmas cards, baking and treats.  It was my big baking weekend in which I made lots of goodies that I do not make very often.  First, the ever popular Dream Bar.  I’ve never known anyone not to like this one – rich, decadent, yummy.  I have my own twists on this recipe to make it uniquely mine.

Dream Bars...Yummy!

Dream Bars...Yummy!

I made at least a couple hundred of these as they are my most requested item.

I also made my cranberry sugar cookies – AKA the world’s ugliest cookie.  This cookies look horrible, but taste divine.  They are also a unique holiday treat because you have to have fresh cranberries to make them.  In addition, I made peanut butter cookies, gingerbread mini muffins and cranberry bread.

Our goal was to ship all of the goods on Monday, and my trusty elf took care of that.  He also ran around shopping for forgotten items, doing dishes and taking out the trash.  He definitely did not sit on the sidelines this year!

Packed, Shipped and Ready to Go!

Here is the culmination of our weekend’s work.  Oh, did I mention that in the middle of this we wrote the holiday letter and made some cards!  No wonder we were sore and exhausted for a few days.  Also, lots of handmade ornaments were made this year to go with many of the goodie bags – I had some needlepoint and beading ornaments.  My favorite was the beaded candy cane…more to come on that later!

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  1. Karla says:

    And Oh My were they wonderful!! Thank you so much! We really enjoyed them….

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