Starting a Trip Down Memory Lane

Let’s go way back in the time machine to the era that I lived in t-shirts.  I had a shirt for everything – clubs I belonged to, places I worked, events I went to, trips I took.  Then I made that natural progression through life where you realize that you can’t just wear t-shirts all the time.

But, I held on to them.  Couldn’t let go of them as they were memories – most of them quite fond.  🙂

So, speed up the machine a few years to 8/18/2002.  I’m living in Ballard, doing some light crafting and tired of getting rejected from friends that don’t want to make a t-shirt quilt for me.  I know next to nothing about sewing and don’t even own a machine at this point.  But referencing those skills I learned back in Girl Scouts decide to go for it.

I print out a webpage with instructions on how to make a t-shirt quilt.  I go buy a bunch of interfacing and go for it.  Got two squares sort of cut.  Too much confidence and not enough skill at this point.

Now, speed up the machine to about a year and a half ago.  I decided I am going to learn to quilt and start my first blog about it – (no longer in existence) which was the predecessor to Crafting Adventures.

At this point I’m smart enough to realize I’ve got some learning to do before taking on the t-shirt quilt.  A friend of mine is kind enough to lend me a sewing machine at this point and teach me some tricks.  She explicitly said I could never claim that she taught me to sew – just how to stitch a straight line.  Under her tutorage I manage to make:  napkins, a pillow case, a christmas table set.  She also brought over a serger and helped me make a pair of pajama bottoms.

With the help of another friend I tackle my first baby quilt and she was generous enough to give me an old sewing machine of hers.  I then took on another baby quilt and some small projects.

Now, we’ve brought the time machine back to yesterday – I took a T-Shirt Quilts class at the Bernina Connection on Indian School.  Mary was the instructor and was fantastic – would take a class from her again anytime.  She helped me with some tips that I needed to learn and I completed what will become the center row of my quilt.  I am very excited.  Now lets hope I can keep the momentum up to finish this before the year is up!

Center Block - Unitrans

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